Increase “What You Can Do”

ClipLine will continue to increase "What You Can Do" for staff
both at the frontline where the services are provided,
and at the headquarters that supports these services.
We will continue to spread the joy that comes with this newfound confidence
throughout the world.

Evolutionize services
around the world
through technology

With the increasing shift to being service-focused
in all industries worldwide, the available services themselves continue to evolve significantly on a daily basis.
Additionally, with the exponential evolution of AI and the metaverse, the fundamental question, "What jobs are left for humans?" is becoming a reality.
Conversely, since it is humans who consume services,
we believe that the mindset of seeking high-quality services through people will never be lost.
Our vision is to evolutionize human-led services through technology.

Our Values

10 years have passed since the company was founded, 4 years since the mission was formulated, and the business has evolved considerably. All employees took part in creating our values over the course of about 6 months. The process of formulating the values is described in detail in the "note" article.
Values 1.Integrity 

・Say "Thank you" and "Sorry" with consideration for others and yourself.

・Act with sincerity and compassion toward everyone.

・Always have an open mind and be ready to consult and cooperate.

・Execute your own approach to increasing "What You Can Do".

2. Ownership 

・Instead of deciding that something is not for you, be courageous and try.

・Why give up? You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

・Be proactive in roles and with responsibilities, never blame others.

・Set clear goals and plans, and involve others to move them along.

3. Empathy 

・Share your hopes and fears. Work with others toward the same goal.

・Create new value through collaboration by combining the strengths of each individual.

・Trust your friends, but also challenge them and overcome obstacles as a team.

・If you see someone struggling alone, be willing to talk to them and help them.

Code of Conduct

1. Focus on the issue 

・Don't view it as someone's problem but rather view the underlying issue.

・Start with "What is the essential issue" for any task.

・Think deeply about the background and meaning of events, not just what you see in front of you.

・Come up with ideas for problem-solving from all angles, and establish paths so anyone can implement it.

2. Think big 

・Be globally minded when thinking of products and services.

・Take pride in our work to make our customers and all those we serve happy.

・Focus on long-term growth and innovation rather than short-term impact.

・Bring a different perspective and value system and make a change.

・Be aware that as long as we have a narrow vision, we will never evolve further or be able to talk about big dreams and bold ambitions.

3. Quick & Dirty 

・Make sure to "Do what we can today".

・Think of the best 100 actions you can do, consider what you're capable of and what you should do first, then pragmatically carry them out.

・Go at full speed to 70% of what needs to be done right away.

・Focus on speed and be aware of the synergy of speed.

・Aim for 120% with getting feedback and improving.

・Don't expect to be perfect. Do trial and error, then adjust your approach.

4. Fact driven 

・Let "Can Do" at the customer's site be the starting point for all thinking.

・Let facts and data guide our judgment, decisions, and pursuits.

・Discuss with a diverse group of peers while looking at the same data.

5. Move forward 

・Don't set limits and be persistent in your results.

・Believe in your own growth and tackle the barriers in front of you.

・Learn from your mistakes and grow again.

・Always be willing to learn and make progress every day.

・Celebrate those who try without fear of failure.

・Overcome preconceptions, and create new ideas and values.

6. Be productive 

・Feel the joy and significance of creating something new.

・Once a system is put in place, it is not the end of the process, and we should be conscious of improving the degree of refinement through repetition.

・Structurize simple jobs and focus on creating other new jobs.

・Focus on being productive and not working in a lazy way.

・Work hard when you work and rest when you should rest.

7. Have fun! 

・It's great to enjoy what you're doing!

・Make yourself and others happy by having fun, making room in your heart, and communicating positively.

・Share the fun with your peers.

・Imagine the person you want to become and enjoy the process of learning and working towards that goal.

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