Personal Information Protection Policy

We, ClipLine, Inc., believe that the appropriate handling of personal information is one of our corporate social responsibilities. In developing and operating the digital solution business “ABILI”, we have numerous occasions to handle our customers’ personal information.
We hereby stipulate the following provisions with respect to the protection of personal information that enables to identify individuals, and declare that we will implement and comply such provisions.

  1. In obtaining personal information, we shall specify, to the extent possible, the purpose of use for such information, and shall obtain only the necessary personal information to achieve such purpose.
  2. When obtaining personal information, we shall do so only to the extent necessary, and we shall provide the name of our company, the name of our personal information protection manager, and his/her contact information, the purpose of use, etc.
  3. Personal information will be used within the scope of the purpose of use. We will also establish and implement appropriate procedures to take necessary measures in order to prevent unintended use.
  4. Personal information will be managed in an appropriate manner and will not be disclosed or provided to any third party except in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, etc.
  5. We shall endeavor to manage personal information in accordance with the purpose of use, only to the extent necessary, in an accurate and up-to-date manner, take reasonable security measures against leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and strive to prevent and correct such incidents.
  6. When outsourcing the processing of personal information, we shall implement appropriate management by contractual obligations to prevent any leakage or disclosure of personal information to a third party.
  7. We will respond promptly to disclosure requests from the individual who has made such request of his/her personal information, when such request has been made by contacting our inquiry desk.
  8. We will respond to any individual who refuses the use of her personal information or the provision of such to a third party, when such request has been made by contacting our inquiry desk.
  9. We will respond to any complaints and consultations regarding personal information, when it has been made by contacting our inquiry desk.
  10. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other rules regarding personal information.
  11. We will establish a personal information protection management system, which will be periodically reviewed and continuously improved

Established: October 1, 2014
Last amended: November 16, 2023
ClipLine, Inc.
Hayato Takahashi, CEO

Contact Information Regarding Personal Information Protection Policy
Takashi Fujimura, Personal Information Protection Manager
5th floor, GranFirst Kandakonyacho, 
15 Kandakonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035
Mail to:

Handling of Personal Information

1. Our Company Name, Address and Name of Representative

ClipLine, Inc.

5th floor, GranFirst Kandakonyacho,

15 Kandakonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035

Hayato Takahashi, CEO



2. Name or Title of Our Personal Information Protection Manager (or His/Her Agent), Affiliation and Contact Information

Takashi Fujimura, Personal Information Protection Manager

Mail to:


3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use

Applicability for
Retained Personal Data

Images used in Sales Support and gallery images To promote ClipLine, Inc. Yes
ABILI account information (e.g. user names and passwords and information about your account usage) To perform contracted services (account management)


Personal information of business partners (e.g. name, contact details and information about orders for goods and services, including payment information) To communicate with, to deliver goods to, and to provide service with or without compensation to   business partners Yes

Personal information of individuals who have made inquiries to us (e.g. name, contact details and information relating to the relevant inquiry)

  1. To answer inquiries
  2. To use phone call records to improve the quality of telephone operation and to acquire an accurate understanding of inquiries
  3. To provide information related to ClipLine, Inc. (including email newsletters and seminar informations)
Personal information of job applicants (e.g. name, contact details and information contained in the applicant’s CV and job application)
  1. To dispatch materials regarding recruitment
  2. For recruitment selection process and  communications regarding outcomes of said recruitment
  3. Process for employment

Personal information of our employees (e.g. information about their terms of employment, employee entitlements, and work performance or conduct)

  1. To carry out procedures for  personnel affairs, salary, health administration and  welfare for all employees
  2. To carry out performance review and skill assessment for employees
  3. For various communication with business partners
  4. For various procedures regarding resignees
  5.  For PR and other promotion activities 

Personal information received from ABILI customers (outsourcer) (e.g. information required for ClipLine, Inc. to provide services to customers)

To perform contracted services No

4. Provision to a Third Party

We will not provide acquired personal information to any third party except in the event as specified below.

(1)   When it is consented by the person himself.

(2)   When it is based on laws and regulations.

(3)   When it is necessary in order to protect life, body, or property of another person, and is difficult to obtain consent from the person himself.

(4)   When it is especially necessary in order to improve public health or to promote healthy development of children, and is difficult to obtain consent from the person himself.

(5)   When it is necessary in order to cooperate with clerical work prescribed by laws and regulations performed by government organization or a local public organization or a person delegated by such entities, and obtaining consent from the person himself may interefere with the prosecution of said clerical work.

(6)   When handling of personal information is delegated within the scope to achieve the purpose of use.

(7)   When business succession is conducted for merger, company split, business transfer or on any other cause.


5. Security Control Measures for Retained Personal Data

We have conducted security control measures for the Retained Personal Data as specified below.

(1)   Establishment of Rules Regarding Handling of Personal Information

-To estabilish handling rules stating the handling, person in charge/management and their mission for personal data for each stages of obtainment, usage, storage, provision and deletion/disposal.

(2)   Organizational Security Control Measures

-To appoint a person in charge for the handling of personal data, and to clarify the scope of employees handling personal data and the personal data to be handled by them, and to set up a reporting system to the manager in cases where there is, or may be, a violation of law or rules for handling personal data.

(3)   Human Security Control Measures

-To provide periodical training for employees regarding points of concern in handling personal data.

(4)   Physical Security Control Measures

-To manage entrance and exit of the employees in the areas where personal information is handled  and to limit the devices that are allowed to be brought in such areas, and also to restrict browsing of personal data by unauthorized personnels.

(5)   Technological Security Control Measures

-To limit the personnel in charge and the scope of personal information database to be treated by such personnel.

-To implement a framework to protect information systems that handle personal information from illegal access or illegal softwares.


6. Disclosure of Personal Information and Complaints/Consultation

We shall respond in writing or by any other electronic means to request for disclosure, etc. (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of contents, suspension of use, elimination, and suspension of provision to third parties) of the personal information held by us, or any complaints or consultations about the handling of personal information

For specific procedures regarding complaints/consultation, disclosure, etc. (applicant, application form, identity verification, etc.), please contact <Contact Information Regarding Personal Information> below.

Please note that we will charge a fee (JPY 1,000) for responding to each requests for notification of our purpose of use and requests for disclosure.

Please contact <Contact Information Regading Personal Information> below in relation to any complaints and consultations regarding personal information.

Contact Information Regarding Personal Information

ClipLine, Inc.

Takashi Fujimura, Personal Information Protection Manager

5th floor, GranFirst Kandakonyacho,

15 Kandakonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035

Mail to:

7. Safety Management for Websites

(1)  Usage of Website Encryption, Information Relating to Individuals (Cookies and Web Beacons)

1 Communication Encryption
When acquiring personal information from a website, we protect such personal information of the customer by using encryption technology for communications such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) on such website. In the event that the browser that does not support SSL/TLS, it may not be able to access such webpage.

2 Usage of Information Relating to Individuals (Cookies and Web Beacons)
We may use Information Relating to Individuals (information relating to any living individual, but which does not fall under any of the followings: Personal Information, Information Edited to Ficitious Names and Information Edited to Anonymity.  For example, information regarding to browsing history, positional information and cookies, etc., but which cannot be used to identify an individual.) to provide better services on our website.

(2)    About Cookies
Cookies may be used to customize a website to meet the needs of each individual of the customer in order for the effective operation of the internet and to improve the contents of the website and services provided (including advertisement) in order to make the customer more content.
Depending on the browser setting, the customer may refuse to accept cookies or be alerted when receiving a cookie; provided, however, that, when refusing to accept cookies, there may be restrictions, such as not being able to use a certain function.

(3)    About Web Beacons
Web beacons (Clear GIF) are a technology that uses GIF files and scripts to apprehend the access status from the customer’s computer and to collect statistics on the usage rate of specific web pages.
Also, web beacons, when used in conjunction with the cookies described above, can obtain detailed statistical information.
Our website may use web beacons and other technology in order to obtain statistical information necessary to improve the website and other purposes.
Even when the customer refuses to accept cookies, web beacons can apprehend the status of access, but we will not collect any personal information through web beacons. 

8. Addendum for Australia

This section applies specifically to the collection and management of personal information in relation to ClipLine’s business in Australia.  It applies in addition to the terms set out above.

We generally collect personal information directly from you, such as where you register for an account with us or order goods or services from us.  However, in some cases we may collect personal information from a third party, such as where one of our customers provides us with your information for the purposes of engaging us to provide a service.  If we do not collect information about you, we may not be able to accomplish our purposes provided in Section 1 above.

We generally store the personal information that we collect in electronic databases, some of which may be held on our behalf by third party data storage providers.  Sometimes we also keep hard copy records of this personal information in physical storage facilities.  We use a range of physical and technical security processes and procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of the information that we hold, and we update these from time to time to address new and emerging security threats.

We may disclose or provide your information: (i) to third parties such as our officers, employees and advisers, our business partners, agents and service providers, prospective purchasers of all or part of our business or shares in our company, professional advisers, government authorities, as reasonably necessary for our business, (ii) to other third parties with your consent, or (iii) to comply with applicable laws.

In some cases, we may store your information outside Australia or may disclose your information to a person outside Australia where they are subject to different privacy regimes.  The countries in which these people are likely to be located include Japan.
If you want to access any of the personal information that we hold about you or to correct some aspect of it (e.g., because you think it is incomplete or incorrect), please contact us using the contact details and following the procedure specified in Section 2 above.

If you want to make a complaint about a possible breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or any other relevant privacy obligations that apply in Australia, please contact us using the contact details and following the procedure specified in Section 2 above.  Complaints must be lodged in writing.  We will deal with the matter within a reasonable time and will keep you informed of the progress of our investigation.  If we have not responded to you within a reasonable time or if you feel that your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, you can contact us to discuss your concerns.  You are also entitled to make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (“OAIC”).  Contact details can be found at the OAIC’s website:

We may make changes to this policy from time to time, to take into account changes to our practices and procedures or where necessary to comply with new laws and regulations.  The latest version of this policy will always be available on our website.


Grand First Kandakonyacho 5F,
15 Kandakonyacho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0035


ClipLine is certified as a
"Privacy Mark" licensed vendor.