Our Business

ABILI is a profit improvement platform that provides comprehensive support
from visualization of management issues to implementation of solutions.

We specialize in improving the management and front-line operations of multi-location businesses, particularly those in the service industry.

Multi-location Business Specific
Management Dashboard

Visualize the bottlenecks and potential of each location to realize data utilization that leads to results

We can quickly and inexpensively build a dashboard exclusively for your company that consolidates all the data scattered throughout your organization.
We support data-driven decision-making and execution by visualizing the "Disparities", "Bottlenecks", and "Potential Capabilities" of each location that impede the growth of your multi-location business.

Video-based Execution Support System

Give "execution power" to the front -line and management of multi-location business

ClipLine is now "ABILI Clip".
It is an execution support system that solves all issues for "Top Management", "Middle management", and "Front-line" by utilizing content such as short videos and interactive communication.
In addition to appropriate training and execution of tasks based on the roles and abilities of staff members, we also provide knowledge management on a digital basis.
※ClipLine will be renamed "ABILI Clip".
※The product is expected to be reflected in the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool

Create a system to improve the front-line service quality by voice of the customer with this one tool.

ClipLine Survey is now "ABILI Voice".
We provide consistent services from customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaire creation to analysis.
We can create a system that leads to immediate on-site improvements, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation, all at a reasonable price.

※ClipLine Survey will be renamed "ABILI Voice".
※The product is expected to be reflected in the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024.

Content Creation and Implementation

Thorough support during the implementation phase by multi-location support experts

Our Content Creation team support professional video production, and our Customer Success team, comprised of industry experts, will accompany you in the steady implementation of measures.
We support our clients in achieving "DX that delivers results".

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ClipLine is certified as a
"Privacy Mark" licensed vendor.